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Tcl Plugin Version 3

Here you'll find information about the Tcl/Tk Web Browser Plugin v3. The plugin lets you run Tcl/Tk applications in Mozilla, Netscape and Internet Explorer Web browsers.

Version 3 of the plugin was reengineered by ActiveState. It works with MSIE 4+ and Netscape API compatible plugins across platforms (Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, ...). Sources can be found at the Tcl plugin SF project.

The Tcl Plugin 2.0 information is outdated, but much of it is still relevant, especially in the general architecture and documentation.

Download the Plugin

XPI links are for Mozilla and Firefox. They refer to an ftp link that should allow for one-click installation of the plugin. You may have to enable as a site that can install software automatically.
Platform Version 3 Version 2
Linux XPI (32-bit x86)
XPI (64-bit x86_64)
Mac OS X unavailable
Solaris XPI (sparc)
Windows XPI

Don't see your platform available? Join the tclplugin-core at mailing list and help us round out our available binaries.

Please see the download page if you are having any installation issues.

Supported browsers: Mozilla/Firefox TM, Netscape TM, Microsoft Internet Explorer TM, and other NPAPI compatible browsers