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Tcl Plugin 3.1 Download

General Plugin Information

Current release is version 3.1.0, June, 2006.

Binary Releases

Platform Version 3 Version 2
Linux XPI (32-bit x86)
XPI (64-bit x86_64)
Mac OS X unavailable
Solaris XPI (sparc)
Windows XPI

Source Release

Sources for the plugin can be obtained from the Tcl Plugin project at SourceForge CVS repository.

Installation Issues

If you are running Netscape 4 or other browser that supports NPAPI plugins but not XPI, just save the correct XPI above to disk, rename it to .zip (it's just a zip file), and move all but the install.js into your browser's plugins directory.

Getting Error code -202 on XPI install? This indicates that you do not have permissions to the plugin directory that the browser wants to write to. The plugin first tries to install into the browser's global plugins folder. If that is not possible, it will try to determine the user-specific plugins folder and install there.

A full list of XPInstall Return Codes is available to better understand what may be going wrong. For Mozilla/Firefox, there is also an install.log file in the browser's installation directory that should provide verbose information about installation.

Internet Explorer Installation

The Windows XPI binary includes a pluginhostctrl.dll which hosts NPAPI plugins inside an ActiveX control for IE. When installing the XPI, you will be prompted if you want to register this ActiveX control. If you didn't do this, or don't use an XPI-enable browser, crack open the XPI as noted above, move the files to IE's Plugins directory and run:

regsvr32 \path\to\pluginhostctrl.dll

You can unregister the ActiveX control by running regsvr32 with the -u option.