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Demos for the Tcl Plugin

Plugin Ticker:
Are you ready to view these pages ? <- Should be green for v2.0 or cyan for v3+ if you have the Tcl Plugin installed! If the circle blinks red/orange, you have an old version. If there is a blank square, you do not have the plug-in installed. Download it!

For best viewing, make sure your browser window is at least 500 pixels wide. Resize your window so you can see all of this horizontal rule before visiting these example pages.

Previous demos that should work with all the Plugin versions:

  • Draggable text on a canvas (30 lines of code).
  • Engraved text on a canvas (120 lines of code).
  • A Tcl evaluator in a page (30 lines of code).
  • A game of Tetris (1500 lines of code).
  • A bezier curve clock (140 lines of code).
  • A Tcl ruler (130 lines of code).
  • An interactive floor plan (200 lines of code, 1000 lines of data).
  • A four function calculator (100 lines of code).
  • A 15-puzzle with an image (20 lines of code).
  • A familiar cup of coffee (20 lines of code).
  • A pair of eyes that watch you (75 lines of code).
  • A ticker tape? Sure, 3 ticker tapes are here (30 lines of code).
  • A tiny line drawing program (35 lines of code).
  • Trace mouse events (20 lines of code).
  • Draw some ovals (30 lines of code).
  • A broken applet that tries, unsuccessfully, to attack. (6 lines of code)
  • A bike gear ratio calculator (175 lines of code).
  • A biorythm clock (185 lines of code).
  • A mortgage calculator applet (280 lines of code).
  • A card game applet (400 lines of code).

Want even more? See what others have created!

After viewing these examples, you'll probably want to write your own, so here are some instructions. With that, here are some example tclets to whet your appetite:

Comments or problems during viewing these tclets? Please send email to tclplugin-core at All comments will be appreciated, and all email is acknowledged if have a valid reply-to address.