Tcl'2003 Ann Arbor

Tcl'2003 Conference Proceedings

Refereed Papers

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Electronic copies of the refereed papers presented at Tcl'2003, and additional materials supplied by the authors of these papers.


Jeff Hobbs State of Tcl

Refereed papers

Andreas Kupries (doc)Tools or a new generation of Tcl package documentation
Jason Brazile A Software Architecture for In-Flight Acquisition and Offline Scientific Post-Processing of Large Volume Hyperspectral Data
Steve Cassidy CANTCL: A Package Repository for Tcl
Michael Cleverly nstcl: Bringing the best of AOLserver and OpenACS to tclsh and wish
Mo DeJong Scripted Debugging : Using Tcl and GDB to debug C code
William Duquette Data Definition and Code Generation in Tcl
Standard Interface: An Object to Relational Mapping Interface to Relational Databases
Clif Flynt Validator: An Agent-based firewall validation application
Jeffrey C. Lockledge, Ph.D. Hydra: a distributed system for mobile data collection
Paul Kienzle Octcl: Using Octave as a compute engine.
Fred Hansen Rendering Tcl/Tk Windows as HTML
Fred Hansen On the Suitability of Tcl/Tk for SYS
Mark Roseman Using Starkits for Easy Deployment of Server Applications
Ping Tong MQSeries Enabled Tcl Application
Chi-Wei Wang AmalGUI: A User Interface for a Clustered Programmable-Reconfigurable Processor Simulator