Welcome to the Tcl tutorial. We wrote it with the goal of helping you to learn Tcl. It is aimed at those who have some knowledge of programming, although you certainly don't have to be an expert. The tutorial is intended as a companion to the Tcl manual pages which provide a reference for all Tcl commands.

It is divided into brief sections covering different aspects of the language. Depending on what system you are on, you can always look up the reference documentation for commands that you are curious about. On Unix for example, man while would bring up the man page for the while command.

Each section is accompanied by relevant examples showing you how to put to use the material covered.

Additional Resources

The Tcl community is an exceedingly friendly one. It's polite to try and figure things out yourself, but if you're struggling, we're more than willing to help. Here are some good places to get help:


Thanks first and foremost to Clif Flynt for making his material available under a BSD license. The following people also contributed:

Of course, we also welcome comments and suggestions about how it could be improved - or if it's great the way it is, we don't mind a bit of thanks, either!