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lrepeat - Build a list by repeating elements


lrepeat number element1 ?element2 element3 ...?


The lrepeat command creates a list of size number * number of elements by repeating number times the sequence of elements element1 element2 .... number must be a positive integer, elementn can be any Tcl value. Note that lrepeat 1 arg ... is identical to list arg ..., though the arg is required with lrepeat.


lrepeat 3 a
       a a a
lrepeat 3 [lrepeat 3 0]
       {0 0 0} {0 0 0} {0 0 0}
lrepeat 3 a b c
       a b c a b c a b c
lrepeat 3 [lrepeat 2 a] b c
       {a a} b c {a a} b c {a a} b c


list, lappend, linsert, llength, lset


element, index, list
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