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Tcl'2006 Abstract: TkHtml moves to the 21'st century

13th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference

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October 9-13, 2006
Holiday Inn Select
Naperville, Illinois USA

Important Information
Abstracts and proposals due June 30, 2006
Notification to authors July 31, 2006
Author materials due September 30, 2006
Tutorials start October 9, 2006
Conference starts October 11, 2006
Email Contact [email protected]

We are pleased to announce the 13th Annual Tcl/Tk conference (Tcl'2006), sponsored by Noumena Corporation , Digital Smarties , Eolas Technologies and ActiveState .

TkHtml moves to the 21'st century

Author: Dan Kennedy


Tkhtml is a Tk widget written in C that displays documents formatted according to the HTML and CSS standards. This paper reports on the recent work on Tkhtml 3.0 sponsored by Eolas Technologies. The motivations for creating a standards compliant HTML/CSS widget for Tcl/Tk are examined, expected uses of the widget identified and the scope of functionality provided defined. Also discussed in the context of Tkhtml is the applicability of Tcl/Tk in 2006 to the broader problem of producing a modern web browser client. Future extensions and enhancements to Tkhtml are contemplated.

Conference Committee

Cyndy Lilagan   Eolas TechnologiesFacilities Coordination
Clif Flynt   Noumena CorpGeneral Chair
Steve Redler IV   SR TechnologyProgram Chair
Steve Landers   Digital SmartiesProgram Co-chair
Kevin Kenny   GE Global Research Center
Jeffrey Hobbs   ActiveState Corp
Andreas Kupries   ActiveState Corp
Ron Fox   NSCL Michigan State University
Donal Fellows   University of Manchester
Larry Virden   Tcl FAQ Maintainer
Mike Doyle   Eolas Technologies
Gerald Lester   HMS Software

Contact Information

[email protected]

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