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Tcllib -- Table of Contents


base64 Procedures to encode and decode base64
uuencode encode/decoding a binary file
yencode encode/decoding a binary file
cmdline Procedures to process command lines and options.
comm A remote communications facility for Tcl (7.6, 8.0, and later)
control Procedures for control flow structures.
counter Procedures for counters and histograms
cksum calculate a cksum(1) compatible checksum
crc16 Perform a 16bit Cyclic Redundancy Check
crc32 Perform a 32bit Cyclic Redundancy Check
sum calculate a sum(1) compatible checksum
csv Procedures to handle CSV data.
des Perform DES encryption of Tcl data
dns Tcl Domain Name Service Client
doctools::changelog Handle text in Emacs ChangeLog format
doctools::cvs Handle text in 'cvs log' format
docidx Create and manipulate docidx converter objects
docidx_api Interface specification for index formatting code
docidx_fmt Specification of simple tcl markup for an index
doctoc Create and manipulate doctoc converter objects
doctoc_api Interface specification for toc formatting code
doctoc_fmt Specification of simple tcl markup for table of contents
doctools Create and manipulate doctools converter object
doctools_api Interface specification for formatter code
doctools_fmt Specification of simple tcl markup for manpages
mpexpand Markup processor
exif Tcl EXIF extracts and parses EXIF fields from digital images
fileutil Procedures implementing some file utilities
ftp Client-side tcl implementation of the ftp protocol
ftpd Tcl FTP server implementation
html Procedures to generate HTML structures
htmlparse Procedures to parse HTML strings
irc Create IRC connection and interface.
javascript Procedures to generate HTML and Java Script structures.
log Procedures to log messages of libraries and applications.
logger System to control logging of events.
math::calculus Integration and ordinary differential equations
combinatorics Combinatorial functions in the Tcl Math Library
math::fuzzy Fuzzy comparison of floating-point numbers
math Tcl Math Library
math::optimize Optimisation routines
math::statistics Basic statistical functions and procedures
md4 MD4 Message-Digest Algorithm
md5 md5 hash
mime Manipulation of MIME body parts
smtp Client-side tcl implementation of the smtp protocol
multiplexer One-to-many communication with sockets.
ncgi Procedures to manipulate CGI values.
nntp Tcl client for the NNTP protocol
ntp_time Tcl Time Service Client
pop3 Tcl client for POP3 email protocol
pop3d Tcl POP3 server implementation
pop3d::dbox Simple mailbox database for pop3d
pop3d::udb Simple user database for pop3d
profiler Tcl source code profiler
report Create and manipulate report objects
sha1 Perform sha1 hashing
smtpd Tcl SMTP server implementation
soundex Soundex
stooop Object oriented extension.
graph Create and manipulate directed graph objects
matrix Create and manipulate matrix objects
pool Create and manipulate pool objects (of discrete items)
prioqueue Create and manipulate prioqueue objects
queue Create and manipulate queue objects
record Define and create records (similar to 'C' structures)
skiplist Create and manipulate skiplists
stack Create and manipulate stack objects
list Procedures for manipulating lists
tree Create and manipulate tree objects
expander Procedures to process templates and expand text.
textutil Procedures to manipulate texts and strings.
uri URI utilities