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Version (Expected) Release date
Latest stable release 8.4.20 September 2002
Previous stable release 8.3.5 October 2001
Next development release TBD ??
Next major revision 9.0.0 2003 ?

Latest stable release


Tcl/Tk 8.4.20, released on Jun 1, 2013, is the latest stable release of Tcl/Tk.

This release features improved 64-bit support on 32-bit OSes, new core Tk widgets, significant performance improvements, and numerous command and widget enhancements.

Previous stable release


Tcl/Tk 8.3.5, released on Oct 18, 2002, is the previous stable release of Tcl/Tk.

This release features an overhaul of the Tcl I/O stacked channel mechanism used by extensions like Trf and TLS that provide compression and encyrption facilities.

Next major revision


Tcl/Tk 9.0 represents the next giant step for core development. Relatively few new features will be introduced in 9.0; instead, development will focus on rationalization and refactorization of the C API's and Tcl commands, and modularization of the core itself. Backwards binary compatibility will likely be impacted by these changes, but a Tcl-level compatibility mode will be included, so that Tcl scripts written for an 8.x series interpreter can run on a 9.x series interpreter. 9.0 does not currently have a release date.