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Tcl Dev Kit @ ActiveState ActiveState now offers Tcl Dev Kit (based upon TclPro). Tcl Dev Kit extends the functionality of the original TclPro toolset with tool UIs, code coverage and profiling, cross-reference tool, VFS explorer, improved executable builder, Tcl 8.4/8.5 support, and overall quality improvements.

SourceForge Logo TclPro was released open source following the acquisition of Ajuba by Interwoven. Sources are on SourceForge. You need CVS access for full source access.

TclPro boosts Tcl programmers' productivity with a code checker and a powerful graphical debugger. TclPro also makes it easy to package and distribute Tcl applications, and it protects source code from copying and alterations. TclPro incorporates several popular open source extensions with Tcl/Tk: [incr Tcl], for object-oriented programming; Expect, for automating repetitive tasks and extending the lifecycle of legacy applications; and TclX, for added powerful utilities and system support.

KomodoIDE Tcl debugging, code intel, unit testing + more TclPro started as a commercial product sold by Scriptics, but following its acquisition by Interwoven, it was made open source. ActiveState continued commercial development on TclPro, releasing Tcl Dev Kit, now at 3.1. It raises the bar of Tcl programming tools to a new level with updates or enhanced replacements of every original TclPro tool, and several new tools to boost programmer productivity. See the extensive list of features and a comparison with TclPro that shows how extensive the Tcl Dev Kit is.

What's New | Tool Overview | Hardware Support

How to get Tcl Dev Kit:

Tcl Dev Kit is available separately or as part of ActiveState's Tcl programming bundle, ActiveTcl Pro Studio. Tcl Dev Kit includes binary distributions for Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, Linux, and HP-UX.
21-day evaluation licenses are available.

Tcl Dev Kit v4 Features

ActiveState Tcl Dev Kit builds on the open source TclPro tools and ActiveTcl , which includes the latest release of Tcl and more extensions to further enhance your productivity. In addition, it includes ...
  • New Wrapper using Tcl's VFS technology.
  • Code coverage and profiling in the Debugger.
  • Enhanced static analysis.
  • Cross-reference tool for analyzing Tcl code dependencies.
  • VFS Explorer.
  • Windows service manager to make services out of Tcl applications.
  • Full tools support for Tcl 8.4 and 8.5.
  • Improved quality, i.e. bugfixes in all tools.

How to get TclPro:

Source Code is available in the CVS repositories on SourceForge. See for instructions on building TclPro from the source release.

Older Binary Distributions are available for several platforms. Versions 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 still require a license key to unlock the TclPro tools. The FREE_KEYS files has keys for different versions of TclPro. If you follow the web download path, you are also shown a good key on the final download page.

TclPro 1.4 Features

  • Includes Tcl/Tk 8.3.2: all extensions now support the enterprise-ready features of Tcl/Tk, including support for multi-threaded applications, UNICODE and the Tcl extension architecture.
  • Upgrade to Tcl 8.3: TclPro Checker assists you with upgrading to Tcl 8.3 by identifying code, such as for regular expressions, that may need to be changed.
  • Code coverage tool: TclPro Debugger has a -coverage command line argument to enable a code coverage feature. The code coverage tool lets you pinpoint unused code blocks and verify test coverage.
  • Better compilation support It is now easier to compile extra extensions for use with a TclPro installation, and it is easier to create custom shells for use with TclPro Wrapper.
  • TclHttpd Web Server This compact, extensible web server can be used for ordinary web sites or embedded, "web-enabled" applications.

TclPro Tools

TclPro contains four development tools, summarized below, plus the core Tcl platform. Click on the tool names below to see detailed datasheets for each tool.

  • TclPro Debugger
    No more puts statements! Breakpoints, single-stepping, variable/stack display, and other features help you track down bugs quickly. TclPro Debugger provides a convenient graphical user interface and allows you to debug remote and embedded Tcl applications as well as local ones.
  • TclPro Checker
    Our static code analyzer helps you find syntax errors and other common usage errors quickly, without having to run your program. If you are using older versions of Tcl and Tk (as far back as Tcl 7.3 and Tk 3.6), TclPro Checker helps you upgrade by warning about potential incompatibilities.
  • TclPro Wrapper.
    TclPro Wrapper creates a single executable file containing everything needed to run a Tcl application. This makes it easy to distribute Tcl applications to your users and manage upgrades in Tcl versions.
  • TclPro Compiler
    Do you want to keep your customers from seeing and modifying your source code? TclPro Compiler allows you to compile a Tcl script into a bytecode representation for distribution, so that your source code doesn't leave your site. Note: TclPro Compiler now produces .tbc files in a new format. The change is backward-compatible. If a file has been compiled with TclPro 1,3, 1.2 or 1.1, it can be loaded by TclPro 1.4. Files compiled with TclPro 1.4 or 1.3 cannot be loaded by TclPro 1.2. TclPro only supports up to Tcl 8.3. If you require support for 8.4, you will need the Tcl Dev Kit.
Hungry for more information? Read the TclPro Users Gude in PDF format. You'll need Acrobat Reader to read it.

Supported Tcl Versions

TclPro 1.4 designed for Tcl/Tk 8.3 but some of the tools can work with earlier versions of Tcl. Previous versions of TclPro were designed for different versions of Tcl/Tk. Find out which TclPro is right for you.

ActiveState's Tcl Dev Kit is recommended for use with Tcl 8.4 or 8.5.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 (Intel), 2000
  • Solaris 2.5, 2.6, 7 (SPARC)
  • HP-UX 10.20
  • Linux (Intel, Red Hat 5.0+, SuSE 6.0+)
  • SGI IRIX 6.3+
Note: The Linux distribution is for the Intel platform and the glibc2 C library.

Year 2000 Compliance

All versions of TclPro, as well as all tools and extensions that ship as part of TclPro are Year 2000 compliant. Tcl/Tk 8.0.x and higher are also Year 2000 compliant. Earlier versions can be compliant if your application avoids date fields with 2-digit year fields. For more information please go to the Year 2000 page.