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tdbc::mapSqlState — Map SQLSTATE to error class


package require tdbc 1.0

tdbc::mapSqlState sqlstate


The tdbc::mapSqlState command accepts a string that is expected to be a five-character 'SQL state' as returned from a SQL database when an error occurs. It examines the first two characters of the string, and returns an error class as a human- and machine-readable name (for example, FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED, DATA_EXCEPTION or INVALID_CURSOR_STATE).

The TDBC specification requires database drivers to return a description of an error in the error code when an error occurs. The description is a string that has at least four elements: "TDBC errorClass sqlstate driverName details...". The tdbc::mapSqlState command gives a convenient way for a TDBC driver to generate the errorClass element given the SQL state returned from a database.


tdbc, tdbc::tokenize, tdbc::connection, tdbc::statement, tdbc::resultset


TDBC, SQL, database, state


Copyright (c) 2009 by Kevin B. Kenny.
Copyright © 2009 by Kevin B. Kenny.