Tk_GetOption - retrieve an option from the option database


#include <tk.h>
Tk_GetOption(tkwin, name, class)


Tk_Window tkwin (in)
Token for window.

char *name (in)
Name of desired option.

char *class (in)
Class of desired option. Null means there is no class for this option; do lookup based on name only.


This procedure is invoked to retrieve an option from the database associated with tkwin's main window. If there is an option for tkwin that matches the given name or class, then it is returned in the form of a Tk_Uid. If multiple options match name and class, then the highest-priority one is returned. If no option matches, then NULL is returned.

Tk_GetOption caches options related to tkwin so that successive calls for the same tkwin will execute much more quickly than successive calls for different windows.


class, name, option, retrieve
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