[incr Tcl] 3.1.0

[incr Tcl] is a Tcl extension that adds object-oriented programming contructs to Tcl.

itcl - object-oriented extensions to Tcl.
body - change the body for a class method/proc.
class - create a class of objects.
code - capture the namespace context for a code fragment.
configbody - change the "config" code for a public variable.
delete - delete things in the interpreter.
ensemble - create or modify a composite command.
find - search for classes and objects.
itcl_class - create a class of objects (obsolete).
itcl_info - query info regarding classes and objects (obsolete).
itclvars - variables used by [incr Tcl].
local - create an object local to a procedure.
scope - capture the namespace context for a variable.
usual - access default option-handling commands.

[incr Tk] is a mega-widget package used to construct compound widgets in [incr Tcl].

itk - framework for building mega-widgets in Tcl/Tk.
itkvars - variables used by [incr Tk].
Archetype - base class for all [incr Tk] mega-widgets.
Toplevel - base class for mega-widgets in a top-level window.
Widget - base class for mega-widgets within a frame.

[incr Widgets] is a widget package built with [incr Tk].

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