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Feel free to use any of those logos on your web site or product using Tcl/Tk:

See also the Tcl Logo Page.

[Animated Tcl Powered] [Tcl Powered] [Tcl Powered] [Tcl Powered] [Tcl Powered] [Tcl Powered]

[Rotating Tcl] [Tcl] [Tcl] [Tcl]

Encapsulated Postscript (scalable!) version: Tcl powered logo and Tcl/Tk logo.

A note about the color scheme:
To have the best color rendering on 8 bit displays, it is recommended that you use the following colors for Tcl/Tk logo work (from the so called `web palette' where the each RGB components must be 0, 51, 102, 153, 204 or 255):

  • #003399 (red 0/255, green 51/255, blue 153/255) for the Blue
  • #CC3300 (red 204/255, green 51/255, blue 0/255) for the Red

All logos on this page were optimized (and animations or effects created) by Laurent Demailly.