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Tcl/Tk & Google Summer of Code

Tcl/Tk community will again apply as mentoring organization in Google's Summer of Code (aka GSoC 2015).

The Tcl community's project ideas for GSoC are located at the Tcler's Wiki .

Prospective Students and Mentors should join the tcl-gsoc mailing list by visiting

Prospective Mentors should also join the tcl-gsoc-mentors mailing list by visiting

Why should you want to do this? Tcl/Tk is perhaps the most mature of the dynamic languages, dating back to 1988. The evolution of the language over the last 20 years has been marked by passionate preservation of the balance between maintaining simplicity and utility with the adoption of new ideas and new techniques based on accumulated experience.

Tcl/Tk is used in a number of prominent software systems including DejaGnu (e.g. used for testing the GCC compiler & GDB debugger), Expect, SQLite and AOLserver. The language is used by many scientific organizations including NASA as well as being used extensively in the commerical and financial sectors.

The worldwide community of Tcl/Tk developers is certainly one of the most important assets available. This large and helpful community is a constant source of ideas, code samples, extensions, applications, and technical support.