November 05 - 08, 2019

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One of the many great reasons to attend the Tcl conference is the tutorials presented by renowned leaders and experts in the Tcl community. They will be sharing with you their knowledge of Tcl/Tk and its extensions, and experience in developing large, versatile and robust applications - information and techniques which will assist you in your day-to-day Tcl programming needs.

Andreas Kupries — Presenter

Andreas is a senior developer at SUSE where he works on the CloudFoundry-based SUSE PaaS.

Prior to SUSE he worked as a senior developer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise where he worked on the Stackato PaaS.

Prior to HPE he worked as a senior Tcl developer at ActiveState where he continually enhanced the ActiveTcl distribution and worked on the Tcl Dev Kit component of ASPN Tcl.

Prior to ActiveState, Andreas developed software for Ingenieurbuero Kisters and Ascom Deutschland GmbH in Germany.

He has a Master in Computer Science (Diplom-Informatiker) from the RWTH Aachen. He's a member of the Tcl Core Team and is the Tcllib release manager. Andreas is also the primary author of more than 25 Tcl modules and extensions, including Trf and Memchan.

As a Tcl expert, Andreas has presented on the topic at international conferences and has published conference papers on niche Tcl topics including "Reflected and Transformed Channels", "Tools for a new generation of Tcl package documentation" and "Experiences with Modularizing the Tcl Core for Better Portability". Andreas worked closely with ActiveState customers including Boeing and Cisco to ensure Tcl adds value to their software development projects.

Brian Griffin — Presenter

No biography known

Claude Rubinson — Presenter

Claude Rubinson is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Houston-Downtown (Houston, Texas, USA), where he teaches courses on research methods, social inequality, and culture.

His research program has three tracts: methodological research on developing formal methods of qualitative research, focusing on qualitative comparative analysis; sociological research on the relationship between the global political-economy and aesthetic form; and health services research on the conditions that facilitate/hinder the success of interventions designed to improve patient outcomes.

Cyan Ogilvie — Presenter

Cyan Ogilvie is the Software Architect at Ruby Lane. After working in various dialetcs of BASIC, Pascal and 8086 Assembly building 3D engines on 486s he moved to Tcl in the late 90s and has since built around 100 extensions, frameworks and applications using it. Although Tcl is his first language he has also worked extensively with PHP, Javascript, C and still has the scars from a year or two of Perl. Prior to joining Ruby Lane he found interesting places to apply Tcl at I-Net Bridge, NetTreasury, Vodacom and First National Bank.

When not behind a keyboard his interests involve making things with a soldering iron or 3D printer, and touring on his motorcycle. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Frank Morlang — Presenter

I joined German Aerospace Center (DLR) in 2001, where I had my first Tcl/Tk experiences in the area of GUI development for our Air Traffic Management simulator. During a national maritime security project, Tcl/Tk enabled me to successfully develop a coordination station for sea/earth observation service integration of two optionally piloted aircraft of different performance and with different sensor payload, acting as remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). My current Tcl/Tk usage mainly covers interfacing workflows to the X-Plane flight simulator as well as development for our "SpacecraftReentryHazardAreaServer" prototype.

Gunes Koru — Presenter

No biography known

Joe Mistachkin — Tutorial

Joe Mistachkin (pronounced "miss-tash-kin") is a software engineer and one of the maintainers of Tcl/Tk. He is also the author of the TclBridge component and the Eagle scripting language. He has been working in the software industry since 1994.

Jonathan Cone — Presenter

Jonathan began working with Tcl when he joined the backend team at FlightAware in February of 2017. He started programming in BASIC on the Apple II in the mid 90s and has worked with various languages since that time. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, but transitioned to full time software development in 2012.

Karl Lehenbauer — Presenter

Karl has been active with Tcl since the early days and has continued using Tcl and pushing Tcl to be a more useful tool. His need for better systems administration tools led to TclX, and his recent work with FlightAware has led to improvements in the Tcl Web tools.

Kevin Kenny — Presenter

No biography known

Marc Culler — Presenter

No biography known

Mary Ryan Gilmore — Presenter

Mary Ryan is a backend software developer at FlightAware.

She graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2015, and first began using TCL when she started working for FlightAware in 2017.

Michael Yantosca — Presenter

No biography known

Peter da Silva — Presenter

Peter da Silva has been an active developer and user of Tcl since version 2, and it quickly became his "go to" language for scripting and system administration. He currently works at FlightAware, maintaining and extending a number of Tcl libraries including Speed Tables, Pgtcl, Kafkatcl, and Casstcl.

Philip Clifton — Presenter

No biography known

Richard Hipp — Presenter, Tutorial

D. Richard Hipp has developed many Tcl tools including a table widget, html display widget, mkTclApp, and TOBE. He was a founding member of the Core Team and is now one of its emeritus'.

Richard's latest activities revolve around sqlite and tools like fossil that are developed using sqlite (frequently with Tcl).

Ronald Fox — Presenter

No biography known

Sean Woods — Presenter, Tutorial

Sean Woods has been programming since he was 10 years old. He discovered Tcl/Tk in 1996, and has been programming in it ever since. (If given half a chance.) Along the way he has used Tcl for factory automation, system administration, and web services. He worked at the Franklin Institute Science Museum as their Senior Network Engineer for 10 years. And since 2008 he has been working for Test and Evaluation Solutions, developing the Integrated Recoverability Model.

Sean is a caretaker of lost extensions in the community, occasional bug finder, and font of ideas. He has been presenting at Tcl conferences since 2006. And if you get a few drinks into him, he may just re-stage the presentation that earned him the nickname "The Hypnotoad".

Vishan Persaud — Presenter

No biography known

Will Duquette — Keynote

Will Duquette is the author of the Snit object framework and the Notebook personal wiki. These days he’s either writing fiction or working on Molt, a More-Or-Less-Tcl interpreter implemented in Rust.

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