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SourceForge is a wonderful resource for Open Source projects, providing a variety of invaluable facilities for free. Many Tcl/Tk projects (including the core itself) have relied on SourceForge services to support various aspects of coordinating project development among worldwide developers. Many continue to do so.

Most of the support for distributed development of Tcl and Tk has now migrated to

In 2011, Sourceforge was attacked. In the aftermath, access to the CVS repositories hosting development of Tcl and Tk sources was cut off for several weeks. This event prompted a migration of source code management to Fossil, a distributed version control system, with the master repository at See TIP 386 for more details.

In the spring of 2013, SourceForge shut down access to the Tracker facilities used by Tcl and Tk since 2000. The successor system offered by SourceForge, Allura, suffered from a number of problems, most notably an inability to preserve ticket numbers long frozen into the change logs contained in Tcl releases. This event prompted a migration of our ticket tracking service to, joining the source code management systems there.

SourceForge remains the home of Tcl's mailing lists and file releases.